About the Company - Unlisted Investments
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About the Company

Learn about our history and work

Our Mission & Vision

We Endeavour to help investors invest in great companies much before they begin their exponential growth and thereby create high return on investments of our investors.


We want to enable common man to reap the benefits of making sophisticated unlisted investments. We want to increase retail participation in unlisted stocks so that they can reap the benefits of investing in pre-ipo shares. Often retail investors get to invest later in the lifecycle of the company’s growth cycle that too when the company has come out with an IPO.

Our Goal

By 2025, we want to assist 10,000 retail high net-worth investors achieve atleast a 25% p.a. rate of return on their investments made through us.


Team of Experts

Our team consists of hard working analysts with experience in investment banking and research. Coupled with strong fundamentals, the team has nearly 5 years of experience dealing in unlisted and pre-ipo markets. Our team has a passion to find great companies with proven successful track record to enable investors get a high return on long-term investments.

Our values

We place very high value to trust, transparency, integrity, honesty and hard work. It is these values that help us deliver great value to our clients who keep coming back to us for making more investments and guidance. These values are very critical to our success in dealing with pre-ipo shares / stocks as availability of data is a major constraint.