Advantages of investing in unlisted shares - Unlisted Investments
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Advantages of investing in unlisted shares

While there are many reasons why a person might invest in unlisted shares, following are some of the common advantages of owning unlisted shares:

  1. High-value investments:
    • Since the stocks are not very liquid, they are often either undervalued or overvalued for long periods of time. Thus, if an investor is able to invest when the stock is undervalued, then he/she can gain significant returns on the investment.
  2. Peace of mind:
    • Unlike listed equity shares, the prices of unlisted equity shares are relatively stable and the investor need not worry about fluctuations in prices.
  3. High growth investments:
    • Often unlisted firms are smaller in size and are yet to reach a stage where they can go public to avail funds for their capital requirements. As a result, investing when the company is small and being invested through its growth when it lists on equity markets, often yields high returns owing to small base effect.
  4. Diversification of risk:
    • Unlisted equity shares are a different asset class by themselves and as a result, offer some diversification of risk for investors who are majorly invested in listed equity markets.