NCL Alltek & Seccolor Ltd - Unlisted Investments
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NCL Alltek & Seccolor Ltd

Corporate Background:

Established in 1989, the company is a manufacturer, suppliers & wholesalers of comprehensive windows and doors solutions, based in Hyderabad. The company sells its products through a network of dealers. NCL Seccolor Ltd merged with a closely held public listed company Alltek Coating Products Limited. Alltek produces sprayplasters (interiors) and textured paints (exteriors) & emulsion paints. Company has 13 manufacturing units & 16 regional offices present across nation. Alltek company is the first company to start manufacturing acrylic based putties (spray plasters). Today it is the largest manufacturer of spray plasters in India. The company now manufactures White cement based putty and other Cement based products like Tile adhesive, Mortars and Plasters. Seccolor started manufacturing pre-painted steel doors windows, partitions, glazing etc., in 1988 with technology from M/s Industries Secco S.P.A of Italy and marketing the products under the brand name of Seccolor. Fly Ash Bricks: The Project has started its commercial operations in September 2016. NCL Fly Ash Bricks are light weight, Eco Friendly and Good insulation.

Company Products:
Colour coated windows, Gi doors, Gi Door Frames, Full Height Partitions, UPVC Doors, Steel Windows, Cold, Rolled Formed Sections, Eco Office Partitions, UPVC Doors, Steel Glazing, Ventilators, Galvanized Doors & Windows.

Major Clients:

Zydus Cadila, L&T Techno Park, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, Government Hospitals, Airport Authorities of India( Delhi), Indira Gandhi International Airport, State Bank Academy, NCC, Railway department (Vijayawada), IIM Infra Ltd, etc.


  • Experienced R &D department.
  • Large product line.
  • Good financial position.
  • Large production capacity.

The Road Map Ahead:

The company has won several government projects. Thus the forward order book is strong. Additionally, the company plans to geographically expand and cover more cities thus adding to business growth. It has also planned to broaden its product range and thereby it will boost its revenue.

NCL Alltek & Seccolor Limited has 3 global technology collaborations i.e ICP (Sweden), Industrie Secco S.P.A (Italy) and Adopen Plastics Inc. (Turkey). The company is the sole licensee in India for ICP plasters and successfully completed many prestigious projects. Alltek Plasters have been widely used under varied climatic conditions in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

NCL Alltek is the first company in India to manufacture different grades and different finishes of Putty (Textured Paints) for interior and exterior applications like plain, granular, textured and other designer finishes to suit various tastes of Architects, Builders and Interior Designers.

Standalone Figures in Lakhs 2018 2017 %chg
Revenue from Operations (Gross) 23253.97 19312.97 20.4%
Less: Excise Duty 584.28 2127.98 -72.5%
Revenue from Operations (Net) 22669.69 17184.99 31.9%
a) Cost of Materials Consumed 10071.16 8198.27 22.8%
b) Purchases of Traded Goods 3797.39 2886.3 31.6%
c) Changes in inventories of Finished Goods, Work-in-progress -91.73 -352.39 -74.0%
d) Employee Benefits Expenses 2681.8 2391.47 12.1%
Operating expenses 2,077,098,355 714,198,966 190.8%
Employee benefit expenses 1,274,826,391 847,740,903 50.4%
Finance Costs 2,486,982,136 1,835,690,162 35.5%
D&A 165,414,660 37,664,215 339.2%
Other expenses 565,938,639 261,762,450 116.2%
Total expenses 6,570,260,181 3,697,056,696 77.7%
Profit before Tax (912,972,639) 528,998,636
PAT (609,423,350) 343,559,149
EPS -6.84 5.41
Shares outstanding 96,480,844 84,728,797
Book Value per share 79.34445992 79.71208897